ISCAR-P: Alpine Protected Area Research

Mission and Members

ISCAR and the Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC) joined in 2006 by establishing a common working group called ISCAR-P. This board provides scientific support to research activities within ALPARC, such as the four-yearly research symposium in National Park Hohe Tauern, the journal eco.mont and the database "Mountain Pool" on research projects.

Kaprun Declaration 2009

Members (2016-2018): Axel Borsdorf (A-Innsbruck, chair), Kristina Bauch (A-NP Hohe Tauern), Massimo Bocca (I-PN Mont Avic), Philippe Bourdeau (F-Grenoble), Valérie Braun (office), Jean-Jacques Brun (F-Grenoble), Günter Köck (A-Vienna), Guido Plassmann (F-Chambéry, ALPARC office), Thomas Scheurer (CH-Berne, ISCAR office), Dominik Siegrist (CH-Rapperswil), Christoph Moning (D-Munich), Michael Vogel (D-NP Berchtesgaden)

Research project database for mountain protected areas in Europe
Journal eco.mont: Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management
Research symposium 2009 Kaprun (Austria)

Research Symposium 2013 Mittersill (Austria)


Network of Alpine Protectd Areas (ALPARC)

Workshop Research councils 2015