ISCAR-P: Alpine Protected Area Research

Mission and Members

ISCAR and the Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC) joined in 2006 by establishing a common working group called ISCAR-P. This board provides scientific support to research activities within ALPARC, such as the four-yearly research symposium in National Park Hohe Tauern, the journal eco.mont and the database "Mountain Pool" on research projects.

Members (2016-2018): Günter Köck (A-Vienna), Kristina Bauch (A-NP Hohe Tauern), Massimo Bocca (I-PN Mont Avic), Philippe Bourdeau (F-Grenoble), Valérie Braun (office), Jean-Jacques Brun (F-Grenoble), Guido Plassmann (F-Chambéry, ALPARC office), Thomas Scheurer (CH-Berne, ISCAR office), Dominik Siegrist (CH-Rapperswil), Christoph Moning (D-Munich), Michael Vogel (D-NP Berchtesgaden)

Research project database for mountain protected areas in Europe

Journal eco.mont: Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management

Research symposium 2009 Kaprun (Austria)
Kaprun Declaration 2009


Research Symposium 2013 Mittersill (Austria)

Workshop Research councils 2015

Research symposium 2017 Salzburg (Austria)


Network of Alpine Protectd Areas (ALPARC)

Interdisciplinary Mountain Research IGF